Penn-Mar Club News

The Penn-Mar Radio Club will begin it’s VE testing again, and Pat Stump WW3U will be running the testing. The testing will be held every other month, and pre-registration is required. If you are upgrading your license, then you’ll need to bring along your existing license, and two forms of ID, one being a photo ID. If you don’t already have a license, then you’ll just need two forms of ID, one being a photo ID. As this is an ARRL sponsored test, the testing fee will be $15. For more information, contact Pat Stump at:

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, (which is our monthly tech session), Sandy Goodman will be giving a talk on EmComm (emergency communications). Like all of our tech sessions, it will start at 7:30pm, and will be held at the Midway Fire Company, which is located at 202 Linden Ave., in Hanover PA.

The next HEARS (Hospital Emergency Amateur Radio Service) meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 7, at the Hanover Hospital basement restaurant. The meeting starts at it’s usual time of 9:30am.

This year’s York Hamfest will again be a tailgating hamfest, but it will be returning to it’s old site….Elicker’s Grove. The hamfest is set for Saturday, April 11th. We are still in the planning stages now, but as more details become available, they will be posted here.

The Three Mile Island practice exercise will be held this year on Tuesday, April 14th, from 4:30pm till 9pm.

The club is planning on holding a special event weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Hanover Cyclone that devastated Hanover on August 21, 1915. The event is tentatively scheduled to run from Friday, August 21st , starting at 6pm, and ending on Saturday, August 22 at 6pm, and the club will be using it’s call sign of W3MUM. More information will be posted when it becomes available.


Meeting Minutes – 1/8/2015

Business Meeting

Date: January 8, 2015

Meeting to Order:    7:30 PM

Voting members attending: 14

Guests: 0

Reading of last meeting minutes   Approve_ X_ Disapprove___

1st Art W.                   2nd Pat

Treasurer’s Report   Approve__X__

1st Phil                                   2nd Skip                

Announcements: VE testing will be starting again on January 17 at 10am at Cross Keys Village’s Harmony Ridge. Pat said that after January, he would require pre-registration so that he would know how many people would show up to take the test. It was decided to have a VE test announcement placed on the repeater’s automated announcement to inform people of the testing. The Cross Keys Club has officially obtained the call sign of W3CKV. Harrisburg will be holding a hamfest on Jan. 24th, from 8am till 12 noon, at the Harrisburg Community College.

Repeater Report: The choke has been installed, but there is still a bit of noise coming from the power amplifier’s fan. Skip is going to contact Roger to see if any engineering is required to add new coax alongside our existing coax.

Activities Report: The January Tech session on Thursday, January 22, will be a discussion on digital modes as well as a meeting of the special events committee. The special events committee…we need to decide on a certificate or a QSL card. A certificate seems the way to go, and Bob Hess recommended that we go to the Minuteman Press in Hanover and talk to Crystal if we decide to go with a certificate. The Three Mile Island exercise is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th, from 4:30pm till about 9pm. We also have no word on the Team Mercury Project as Woody hasn’t been in contact with the club, and Doug has been under the weather for some time now. For the club’s hamfest, Dennis has obtained a caterer, Catherine Huber, to provide food at the hamfest.

Old Business : While Dennis agreed to have a new shed placed on his property, we still need to do a site survey to see what is needed to place a shed there.

New Business: None.


Adjourn @     8:24 pm    1st Art W.                   2nd Skip

Penn-Mar Radio Club Officers 2013

President – KA3IXG – Dennis Baldwin                Vice President – KS3M – Skip MacAdams

Secretary – WA3GLL – Art Miller            Treasurer – K3SFK – Bill Bartholomew

Upcoming Event – Hanover Tornado 100th Anniversary

Upcoming event to be announced!

The 100th Anniversary of the August 21st 1915 tornado in Hanover, PA. See some photos of the destruction from the below.

Meeting Minutes – 04/09/2009

4officers and 17voting members present

Meeting was called to order by club President Bert Brooks at 7:35pm.

Club minutes were read by club secretary Tabitha Zier. Phil Bealing motioned and Albert May seconded, all favored and report was accepted.

Club treasury report was read by club treasurer Nevin Markle. Duane Sterner motioned and Don Schmitt seconded, all favored and report was accepted.


Don Schmitt- TMI Drill on Tuesday night April 14 York County is still in need of people. Will be on the 146.97 repeater in York County

Repeater Report

Rudy Mullar- Two weeks prior the machine had been dropping off. Rudy went up this past Saturday and did some testing. He found that in the transmitter a cable has broken in the center conductor. He has purchased parts to fix the problem. He also plans to place a second fan and maybe a third fan to prevent overheating. Also preformed a standing wave test, results had been 1.2-1 in December and now are 1.4-1.
Antenna will be worked on and new brackets will be placed. The workers that went up the tower checked our antenna while they were up. They did fix a leg the had broken in the ice this winter. And Rodger gave us some pictures of our antenna.
They plan to start work sometime after June 26, 2009. We will need to purchase the new antenna and set money aside to pay the workers for placing it. We also need to decide how we will be paying for the antenna, be it on a credit card or club check. The worker usual go up in groups of 3- 4 men, Rudy has the number to call the tower company but he is estimating we will need around $1500 -$1700 dollars total for antenna and labor. The radio station is also mounting an aux FM antenna and the location of that may drop our antenna around 40 ft.

We also need to send a crew up to the sight around the beginning of June to do weed control. We will need about 10 people. The stairway outside is also in need of a coat of paint, it needs to be painted gray and we will need about 2- 3 gallons of weather proof or apoxie to finish the job.

Activities report

Springfest- April 18 at Brookside park We will be meeting Friday night around 5:30 to set up anyone that can help is needed. We are responsible for selling general admission tickets and parking cars. The website contains all the layouts and other info about the hamfest. We need to use a different simplex this year, 147.495 will be used. Also set-up and tear down help is needed, also be aware of vendors as they leave, one left last year without paying.
Tan tickets are general admission green ticket are tail gaters and blue tickets have been give to seminar speakers.

Old Business

Field Day- Rudy Mullar is to send out an e-mail verifying the park is reserved for this year. Chairs have been set up as followed
Field Day Chair Person- Rudy Mullar
Equipment Chair Person- Nevin Markle
CW Chair Person- Chip Morgan
Phone Chair Person- Pat Stump
Food Chair Persons- Cathy Markle/ Tabitha Zier

New Business

York Hospital and a drill on March 9
Banquet is set for the May business meeting at the Railside Diner
T-shirt orders were taken and to be handed out at the banquet.

Motion to adjourn was made by Duane Sterner, and seconded by Pat Stump, all favored and motion carried. Meeting closed at 8:33pm.