Upcoming Activities


October, is dues month and the election of officers, so if you can, try to make it to the business meeting on October 13th to elect officers.

Also in October, there will another round of classes for the Technician Class license. They will start on Saturday, Oct.1st and will run for 7 consecutive Saturdays, ending on Saturday, Nov.12th, with the following Saturday, Nov.19th being the day of the exam. It will be a Laurel Exam, meaning that it will be free. The classes and exam all start at 9:30am, and they will be held at the Village of Cross Keys, in their Harmony Ridge building. For more information, contact Rich Harley, N3BVT@arrl.net

This year’s Halloween Parade in Hanover, will be held on Thursday, October 27th, starting at 7:30pm.  The JayCees have asked for our assistance again in providing communications for them during the parade.  We hope that we can get enough volunteers to help them out.  Those of us who volunteer, like to get there an hour or so earlier to get our job assignments.  We are supposed to meet up with the JayCees in front of the Chamber of Commerce building in downtown Hanover.  The Chamber of Commerce building is directly across the street from the downtown Royal Farm Store.  If you can make it, the club would appreciate your help. (It usually lasts about 90 minutes.)


The next National Parks On The Air being held by the Adams County club is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19th, and will be held at the Warfield Ridge picnic area. For more information, contact Don Schmidt at: k3dcs@arrl.net


This years Christmas Banquet is being held at Hoss’s Steakhouse, located at 1180 Carlisle Street in Hanover. It will be held on Saturday, Dec. 10 th and it starts at 5pm.