NHRC Repeater Controller Instructions

The NHRC-10 repeater controller supports six voice mailboxes. Club members can save, retrieve, and delete messages with simple DTMF sequences. Each message can be as long as 32 seconds. Each message has a number (1 through 6) and space for a short introductory header. When you want to check for messages, you send the voice mailbox prefix. The controller will respond with the message number and recorded intro of each message. When you hear a message header that interests you, you request that message specifically. Recording and deleting messages is not much different than playing them. The controller manages numbering, placing each new message in the next available slot. If you should try recording when all mailboxes slots are full, the controller simply replies “No Message”.

  1. How To Check For Messages The voice mailbox headers can be played by sending the voice mailbox prefix alone. send: 611 Unkey. The controller will say “Message” and then the message number and message header for each mailbox in use. If no mailboxes are in use then the controller will say “No Mailbox Message”
  2. How To Play a Specific Message send: 611<message number> The valid range is 1 to 6; however only messages that are present may be played. After the command is received, the controller will play the message header and contents. If there is no message for the specified number, the controller will say “No Mailbox <message number>.”
  3. How to Record a Message send: 611* Unkey. The controller will say “Record Message Header” Key up and say the words you want for the message header, then unkey. The controller will say “Record Mailbox Message” Key up again, and say the message you want stored in the mailbox. Unkey. the controller will say “OK”
  4. How to Delete the Last Message Played send: 611** The controller will respond with “OK”. You’re Done.
  5. How To Perform An Audio Check send: 611*** Unkey. The controller will respond “Record Test Message” Now key your audio again and speak. The controller will record and play back up to the first eight seconds of your voice, so you can hear how you sound.